Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitty Hawk Theory Of Development

Many organizations fail at affecting meaningful change because of their desire to do too much at once. They argue that since they are making one change, why not fix all the ills of the past. Trying to make too many changes at once is a guarantee to collapse the key efforts. This is also another reason for someone opposed to new ideas to kill a change or development effort.

The idea is very simple—when Wilber and Orville were trying to create powered flight, they weren’t trying to get 300 people to Chicago and provide a warm meal in flight. Their effort was simply powered flight.

Keep focused on your objectives and not what will make everyone happy. With anything new, start with simple goals and a vision that can be attained. Visualize what you are trying to accomplish, see it clearly in your mind’s eye and move towards it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple New Thinking Culture Thought Starters

1. Shift From Reactionary New Thinking To Proactive Continual New Thinking & Improvement

2. Culture Of Change Acceptance: Change Looked At As Key To Sustainable Success

3. The Right Brains, Vision and Spirit: Do Not Attack The Past, Instead Focus On The Future

4. Share Information, Insights, Thoughts: The More You Give The More People Will Start To Think Differently & Accept

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4, 3022

Amazing Moment: Washington Resigning His Commission

July 4th means different things to different people. For me it is the thought that where ever our troops are, where ever our ships sail, when ever our planes fly high the spirit of America lives strong. I also believe that where we live and work, in the communities we go to school, to worship, to shop this spirit flies high as well. Even the simple act of buying a gallon of milk at my local grocery makes me proud of our country. 

America is not about something long forgotten or some dusty unread book. It is today as it was on July 4th 1776 an ideal, a belief that is alive today it our hearts. This belief in the red, white and blue of these United States as a way of life worth defending even giving the greatest sacrifice a human can give on the alter of freedom, their lives, is something truly amazing. In the history of the world, what happen on July 4th had never been seen. A group of individuals stood up and determined for themselves and for the generations to come that no matter the sacrifice, no matter the loss we would be a free country, a land where anyone could live as they wanted and be what they were meant to be. While this dream is still taking shape to this day, and had its challenges over the many years from that first 4th of July to this one today – the fact is the belief, the intent, the drive has never diminished. We are not done growing and improving this nation yet (many miles to go to full fill the vision of freedom) but that is what makes it great!

For me July 4th is a moment to stop and realize that what all our generations before us, as immigrants, as farmers, as builders, as soldiers, as families have given so much so my children and their children can be just that free to be kids and live to the unseen potential of who they are. While many, on this 4th of July may worry about all that is swirling around us in the economy, the weather, the ability to live life as they hoped I see the glory of the American spirit, creativity and possibility. We of today do not know the pains of the past wars and strife that were fought on our own countries soil beyond the revolution, from the war of 1812, the Civil War and other fights to gain territory or secure what was ours as a nation. As well as the many wars on foreign soil. As a nation we came through these difficult times and grew stronger. We have had many economic challenging times as a nation in the past 200+ years. Again through our creativity, our sheer will to bring into existence new technologies, new thinking, new businesses, new ways of living our dream as American's we have continued to be one nation.

On July 4th I see in the distance, both close and far, future July 4th's of this great nation. Where our best days are ahead of us. Our greatest thinkers are not yet born or immigrated here yet. Where new technologies, new thinking, new dynamics haven't even been put pen to paper. Rejoice to be here, now in our countries history. The greatest days are just ahead, I can see them right around the bend.  So on this July 4, 2011 take that moment to say thanks to all that have served this nation. Think of all those who had an idea and made it real. All those that work day in and day out and are the fiber of our local communities and give them thanks. We must give a special thanks to all those who go to sleep every night in harms way, so that we as a nation we will not perish from this earth. Thank you to our troops and military the world over.

When was the last time you read these? I dare you to read the Declaration of Independence and not get teary eyed… I always do.

Have a safe, fun and wonderful 4th of July!