Saturday, September 14, 2013

Juicing & Business Travel

Back in April of this year my sister in law Karen sent an email to my wife Kristy and said “David needs to watch this movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead the guy that made it Joe Cross reminds me of David and the issues David has had with his weight and eating healthy…” From that point on I have been working on being the CEO of my Health (thanks Kris Carr for sharing this at the camp) and on a new path in my relationship with food and healthy living.

Prior to attending the Reboot Camp in NY, with Reboot With Joe and his team I was having one or two fresh juices a day. At the camp I started my 100% juice adventure and at day 49 I am still going strong.  Without going into the whole thinking behind a reboot and juicing (I will do that in another article) I wanted to focus on business travel and juicing. Whether doing a 100% juice only diet or just wanting one or two fresh juices a day here are three tips on finding the juice you need.

1. Search The Area: I was traveling to Atlanta for a conference and I wanted to make sure that I had a contact flow of fresh juice (I was at a conference and very busy). So I went to Google maps, put in the hotel address on the map. Then I search “Near By” for fresh juice, juice or vegan food. I found 5 stores near by and I called two shops.  I ended up connecting with Chantel the owner of Rawesome Juicery and she had seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and was excited to help.

Chantel had each day my fresh juice made and delivered to the hotel early in the morning. The hotel staff would bring the fresh juices to my room and the small fridge in the room. It was great – over the four days in Atlanta I was fully juiced and at 100% for my meetings, show floor and presentations.

2. Tell Your Story: I was traveling to Pebble Beach in Monterey and staying at the Inn at Spanish Bay. It was four days of meetings and meals with the leadership team. I reached out to the hotel staff and asked for “who handles the food at the resort?” and they ended up connecting me with the head chef. I shared my story and the fact that I was juicing 100%. He quickly said, “that is amazing, I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about a year ago and I have been drinking a fresh juice everyday since. I have lost 40 pounds and feel great…” He mapped out my juices for the time at the inn and that he would bring his juicer from home and make them for me. 

I have found that by sharing my juicing journey with others – in more of a personal way not a lecture or trying to prove a point, more of the fun and trying to better deal with my health. I am amazed at the people at hotels, restaurants and conference centers and how they want to help. Almost 100% connected to my mission (out of 8 trips and business meetings in the past 49 days all 8 the people were so helpful).

3. The Range, From A Fresh Juice To Gasoline: As I travel through airports, conference centers and hotels I will find myself at a point where I need to get a juice and what should I do? At Camp Reboot Joe Cross shared the idea around how he looks at things t drink. He described a range on everything, with at the right side there is a fresh homemade juice with the freshest organic veggies he can find. At the far, far left was gasoline – the worst thing you can drink. So when looking at a juice that is in a bottle he likes Evolution juice but has also drank Naked Juice. That we do the best we can while traveling and moving beyond the home front. Same with me now – I see a scale/range and think how does the choices I have before me fit into this scale? The goal is to eat healthy, eat what I can to get the best food choices into my body. At the same time it is not about freaking out or being tethered to my juicer at home.

Business and juice go together. The key is to be open, to share and to explore. I find that many people are challenged with eating healthy and business. The more you open up the more the people share and connect. It makes the travel and juicing less difficult by being connected to the businesses and people.  


  1. Good for you David, where there is a will there is a way!
    Congratulations on your success.
    I am on the road traveling around Australia, sometimes by plane, sometimes by car, my juicer is my companion all the way. It weighs 5kg and is the first thing that goes into my luggage allowance (can not wait for Breville to make a travel compact juicer ;-) ). Also since becoming toxic free in products I use on my skin, my toiletries bag weighs only 1/4 what it did.
    Keep sharing ~ love reading about other travellers juicing success stories. Great tip on the 'Nearby' I have never used that on google search.

    Juice ON ~ Kaz from

  2. David, Thank you so much for this article. It is a challenge to find juice while traveling. I live in the Atlanta area and didn't even know of the juice stores. So thank you for that, too! :-0

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